TC501R Outdoor and Everyday Carry Rechargeable Aluminum Flashlight


[Fluorescent Optical Lens] The unique fluorescent optical lens not only makes it easy for users to identify the position of the flashlight at night, but also exudes a stylish and eye-catching feeling at night.

[18350 IMR Li-ion Rechargeable Battery] The torch uses 18350 Lithium rechargeable battery, which is environmentally friendly and safe, and its 3.7V high voltage output can support high lumens and long battery life output, so users can use it with confidence.

[One Switch for all functions] The torch uses only a simple button as a switch to control the on and off, luminosity, blinking and other functions of the torch, which is very easy to operate. In addition, users can control and select the above-mentioned functions by touch, which is very suitable for quiet scenes.

[3 LEDs in one optic lens] Using tailor made optical lens and 3pcs Osram P9 LEDs not only enables the flashlight to output up to 2200 LUMEN but also even light beam. These arrangements can maximize the illumination performance of the flashlight

[Battery level and Charging indication] When the flashlight works for a period of time and the battery power is low (the battery voltage is about 3.0V), it will flash three times and flash three times every 5 minutes until the flashlight turns off. Then you can charge the flashlight with mini-USB cable (equal or under 5V2A), the charging indicator below the charging hole from red to green.



Orsram P9*3

LED lamp life

Up to 100000 hours


ABS, Aluminum


Mini-USB Cable

Length & Size





Hanging color box


End Cap Switch