Outdoor Series

Whether you are outdoors, going out or traveling, you need to bring your own equipment to protect yourself. Of course, these equipment need to meet international standards to ensure that users can use it with peace of mind.
In addition to meeting the above requirements, VORTEX outdoor flashlights are designed to meet the needs of durability, novelty and ease of use, to help users handle the tasks in front of them freely in different situations.

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  • TK600 Survival OutdoorLite

    [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://vortex.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/TK600.mp4"][/video]

    It is our first time to adopt the direct charging rechargeable 14500 lithium battery (a bit longer than AA dry cell) in our Vortex flashlight, its high voltage output can boost the flashlight to higher lumen output up to 600lms. Accompany with the wide voltage designed circuit, TK600 can use both rechargeable and AA dry cell, so the users can find AA dry cell easily to replace the rechargeable battery if any.


    Outdoor Series
  • HL-2 Rechargeable Flashlight/Outdoor Headlamp

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    Whether you’re doing outdoor activities in the dark or working at night, if you want to perform well, you need a light flashlight that delivers glare and versatility. Sometimes you need to let your hands move freely, such as rock climbing or emergency repairs at night. HL-2 can definitely meet your requirements, because they can provide different functions to match your night activities or work, including different brightness and luminosity tips, dimming, flashing, SOS and so on.

    Outdoor Series