Professional Series

As a security or maintenance technician, you often work at night, so you need a reliable, practical and durable flashlight. In view of this, we have a number of strategic flashlights that meet the above requirements for our professional customers to choose from.

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  • TO101 2 in 1 Working and Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Emergency Series
  • TO101-RGBW 2 in 1 Working and Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

    Tailor made for home safeguard and technician application. RGB LEDs are equipped, so it is great light for worker to finish there task at night.

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    Emergency Series
  • DR4 Professional Rechargeable Aluminum LED Flashlight

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    DR4 is a reliable flashlight for the professionals including the Police, Security or Uniform group as it carries powerful light source and durable finishing. Of course, its tactical functions can support the professional accomplishing the challenging tasks or missions.

    Professional Series