Emergency Series

The Vortex Emergency Series is tailor designed for domestic and hotel usages. The flashlights on the wall mount can be recharged for Twenty-four-seven and the users can get and use the flashlights at any time. In case the electricity cut in emergency situation, they can easily to get the flashlights as the LEDs on the wall mounts would be light up automatically. You will feel safe to have an Emergency flashlight at home or your working place.

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  • TCR-B Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Police officers often need to use flashlights when on duty at night. A good flashlight can help police officers do more with less when they are on duty. The TCR series not only has high-quality materials and is easy to carry, but also has multiple strategic functions to meet their needs on duty.

    Rechargeable, 100% brightness and Momentary switch, External Charger and Water Resistant

    Emergency Series
  • TO101 2 in 1 Working and Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Emergency Series
  • TO101-RGBW 2 in 1 Working and Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

    Tailor made for home safeguard and technician application. RGB LEDs are equipped, so it is great light for worker to finish there task at night.

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    Emergency Series
  • TM603 Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Emergency Series
  • TX100 Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

    Safeguard your home and work place

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    Emergency Series
  • TX200 Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Safeguard your household and work places

    Emergency Series