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TC501R EDC Outdoor Rechargeable Flashlight

A small and powerful flashlight carrying up to 2200 lumens and special fluorescent optic lens for daily life and outdoor adventure.

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Customers reviews from Amazon

I really like this flashlight with the built in charging dock that when the power is turned off or cut and the flashlight is on the charging dock the dock has lights. That light up to let you know where it is located just incase of a emergency or something. Great for anywhere where the power is lost more than normal and you have alot of people around. Would definitely recommend it to anyone to buy this light.
Matthew K.
I am impressed with this little light. It is plenty bright enough for almost any task that I give it. I love small and bright flashlights, this is both. The head strap is a handy thing to have. The battery is easy to charge with the USB cable. The body is well-made and feels very sturdy. The button is easy to find and use. I appreciate the magnetic tail cap. This makes it easy to attach to items being worked on to free up both hands. I like this light and am happy to have it. It is a nice addition to my collection.
happy, man, adult-1836445.jpg
Mike Coates
CR2充電池を消費するために購入しました。説明書が英文のみの為、未読! イラスト表記があればもっとわかりやすいと思うが、兎にかく乾電池を装着してみた。 んん?スイッチがないぞ!どうなってんだ?本体を緩めてみる。戻す。点いた‼ この少し緩める、戻す、を繰り返すと明るさが三段階に切り替わり更に繰り返すと点滅、SOS点滅になるようだと理解した。理解するのに10分程度かかってしまったが、こんなものだろう。 耐久性に関しては、買ったばかりなので不明ですが、CR2電池一個でこの明るさならば良しとします。
Mike Sendler