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Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight


Emergency Rechargeable Flashlight


Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

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Awesome Flashlight would definitely recommend it 

I really like this flashlight with the built in charging dock that when the power is turned off or cut and the flashlight is on the charging dock the dock has lights. That light up to let you know where it is located just incase of a emergency or something. Great for anywhere where the power is lost more than normal and you have a lot of people around. Would definitely recommend it to anyone to buy this light. 

(Review from Amazon US on TX200) 


Great Little Light

Best flashlight ever bought. I like how bright it is, how long the battery lasts and how durable it feels in your hand. The chassis is steel and it’s nice and heavy. Feels like a well manufactured flashlight. Dropped it several times no issues just minor scratches. 

(Review from Amazon CA on TK108R)



the best yet

(Review in Amazon US on TM603)


No PWM on low mode which makes this a high quality flashlight. Output always starts in high mode after waiting a few seconds after turning the flashlight off. You can avoid strobe & S.O.S. mode just by turning off the flashlight in high, med, or low mode and waiting a few seconds before turning the flashlight back on. Machining and anodizing leaves a good first impression. Flashlight includes a red diffusing cone that screws either on the top or bottom of the flashlight. Flashlight can tail stand both without the cone screwed on or not. Tail standing is rock solid. Beam tint is white with no green or blue hue. You can find artifacts in the beam pattern when pointing the beam at a light colored wall but hey it is a flashlight. I can not speak about how long the battery will last because I just received the flashlight today 09/03/2020 . Flashlight can only use regular AA type batteries. Alkaline, Nickle metal hydride 1.2 volt Eneloops, or primary lithium 1.7 volt Energizer batteries. No rechargeable 14500 batteries. Emitter is well centered in the reflector. I would recommend buying this flashlight.

(Review in Amazon US on TS3)


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