Vortex V3 EDC Flashlight

  • Small size, powerful output: The torch is made of PC and 304 Stainless Steel and only 56mm in length, weighs 33 grams, and is about the same size as a general key, which is very convenient to carry and practical. And with an output of 900 lumens, it is suitable for all-day daily use.
  • Fluorescent body, fashionable and easy to find: The flashlight body has a fluorescent function, so that users can easily identify the location when using it at night, and will not lose it. When the UV lamp is turned on, it can quickly start the fluorescent function, which is very convenient.
  • 4-color light source, sending out different signals: can emit white light, purple light, red light, red light flashing and red and blue flashing lights respectively, which can be used as emergency warning lighting and signal distress lights.
  • Tail magnet: The tail magnet is convenient for the user to place the small light on the metal surface as a light source or warning light, etc. On the one hand, it can work or carry out activities with both hands, and on the other hand, it is convenient for the emergency warning light to provide fixed services.
  • UV lighting: It allows users to check banknotes or fluorescent agents. Moreover, it can also be used by professionals to detect the location of body fluids for investigation purposes.

High Power LED, Up to 900lumens




Built in Lithium battery


By Type C USB Cable


Pocket Clip



Length & Size



Color paper box