HL-2 Rechargeable Flashlight/Outdoor Headlamp


Whether you’re doing outdoor activities in the dark or working at night, if you want to perform well, you need a light flashlight that delivers glare and versatility. Sometimes you need to let your hands move freely, such as rock climbing or emergency repairs at night. HL-2 can definitely meet your requirements, because they can provide different functions to match your night activities or work, including different brightness and luminosity tips, dimming, flashing, SOS and so on.

Flashlight Features:

  • Wide voltage PCB board design. Can use rechargeable 14500 Lithium battery, rechargeable battery or AA dry cell
  • Up to 600 lumens and IPX7 water resistance level
  • The 14500 Lithium batteries can be charged directly by the USB cable which connects to the electronics devices. The LED lights on the battery will change from red to green when it is fully charged
  • Low battery indication on the switch
  • One button for all function modes including Dimming, Strobe, SOS
  • 4 brightness Level options
  • Belt clip and headband are included and the flashlight can be used in both working or outdoor areas
  • Orange head ring for easy identification
  • Magnetic base for attaching the flashlight on the metal(iron) surface

CREE XP-L, up to 600 lumens


By USB cable


16340 3.7V 700mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable battery


100% (600lms): 60 mins 30% (168lms): 110 mins 10% (56lms): 250mins 1% (11lms): 500mins


USB cable + Head Band + Clip

Length & Size

105mm & ø 25mm (Head); ø21mm (Body)


66g (w/battery) 46g (w/o battery)