Vortex is a region within a fluid with a spinning motion, once a Vortex is formed, the vortices can move, stretch, twist and interact in complex ways. A moving Vortex creates the angular momentum and energy. As a leading and well experienced flashlight manufacturer, we committed to move with innovation and passion like a vortex which is energetic and dynamic.

Who is it for?

Vortex carries wide spectrum of product ranges: Automotive; Law Enforcement; All Weather and Home safeguard series. Vortex will be with you not only for your work but also your own private life, from home to outdoor activities and your journey. Our special designed PCB ensures the low and constant current for flashlight which is important for stable light intensity output and longer run time. Our batteries used for the rechargeable flashlight have a protective circuit for preventing over charging and over discharging. 5 modes (100%, 30%, 10%. SOS and Strobe) with easy operation procedure and ERP (Easy Regulating system) that allows user select the best operation mode in different conditions. Our newly somatosensory designed headlight, automatic on-off and automatic light intensity adjustment allow the users enjoy the hands-free operation. We believe user orientated design with innovative technology will make a Vortex – energetic and dynamic.

spiral, cyan, light blue