We are well experienced manufacturer; we started our business since 1979, we are familiar with the updated manufacturing skills and techniques for effective production. As a pioneer of flashlight manufacturing, the key of success is not only relying on our experience but also nonstop adapting new management skills and technologies.Lean management: Lean management enables us to establish a sense of direction and create corporate objectives. It allows us to eliminate the wastage and provide a track improvement via a set of reliable metrics. Lean management allows us to have a clear picture of the working process and the area needed to improve to increase the efficiency.

Manufacturing process automation: To fully utilize our production capacity, we have equipped over 100 sets of sophisticated automatic assembly production machines (like the CNC machine ; electronics discharging machines; laser engraving machines; precious lathes; injection molding machine; stamping machine etc) and 24 hours operated robotic hands. The manufacturing automation can allow us to have average 300k production capacity per month.


Patented and quality products

To keep our flashlight leading in the market, we believe uniqueness and quality are the keys of success. We have obtained over 150 worldwide patents and our R &D keep full gear and ready to investigate on new and unique technology. Gaining more patented goods is the good reflection of our uniqueness like the design patent for our Driver Pro series and the wall mount charger for the Home Safeguard series. Patent not only maintains our uniqueness but also our quality, our patent CSL technology (Charging, Switch, LED in one assemble unit) supports our flashlight against shock and it greatly helps to decrease the defective rate.

Another key of success is quality products and services, our CSL technology strengthens the shock resistance that makes a great improvement in quality issue. All of our flashlight using the superb LED, like CREE and Luxeon and powered by in-house PCB. Different from the ready-made PCB, our PCB is special designed to ensure the constant current for stable light intensity output. Our rechargeable batteries have a special protective circuit to avoid over-charging and discharging, it protects the shelf life of the batteries and ensures a stable power output for our flashlight.We are confident that our flashlight can provide a constant lumen output with a relatively long run time. Please refer to the comparison diagram as follows: (the chart that shown on Vortex catalogue page 7)The flashlights of our All Weather series are Type III hard anodized, it will keep our flashlight protected from corrosion and stretch.

Design specialty

“A flashlight tailor made for you” is the design philosophy of our R & D team. Our products will specially designed for a special group of consumer like you who have expectation and special purpose. Our Driver Pro series is designed for drivers, it can act as a warning signal when your vehicles are malfunctioned and it can act as emergency charger for your mobile phone as well. Our Thermo 1 applies the somatosensory design; users can experience a hand free operation. Our Home Safeguard series HS1 series is special designed for indoor environment, the LEDs in the wall mount will automatically light up when there is out of electricity supply. When you explore more into our product details in our website, you will fully experience the features of our products and our design philosophy.

Certificate and management system

We are ISO 9001:2008 holder and our factory is practicing KPI (key performance indicator) and our products comply with CE standard, UL standard and PSE standard. It ensures that our products and production can fulfill the international standard.

Social awareness

We concern our environment and contribute our best effort to protect our environment. All of our products are RoHs compliance and our factory is certified by ISO14000


With well experience and systematic manufacturing team, innovation and considerate R & D professional, we provide 10 years limited warranty for our products to share our confidence with you.